Numa Hammers and Button Bits


Numa offers the largest range of conventional down hole hammers and bits available in the drilling industry today. Unmatched in longevity and penetration rates, these performance driven Patriot®, Champion® and Challenger® hammer models are able to drill holes from 3-1/2" to 43" (89 - 1092 mm) in diameter.

With a dedicated field staff travelling to drill sites around the world, we are able to collect the critical information that is essential for engineering products to meet the demanding needs of today's drilling industry. Numa will continue to conduct research and development in order to improve DTH technology for the future.

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Numa has led the industry in innovative design of reverse circulation hammers and bits. These RC products have the unique ability to bring all cuttings up the center of the hammer and drill string to be safely collected at the surface, which is essential in today's environmentally conscious society.

Recently, we have engineered a new, breakthrough RC bit design that drastically improves hole cleaning and overall drilling speed. By deepening the channel ways and side exhausting, the new design is able to efficiently flush more air over the bit face resulting in a greater recovery and accurate down hole sample at the surface - all at a much faster drilling rate.

Currently, our RC hammer and bit line has the capability to drill holes from 4-3/4" to 36" (121 - 914 mm) in diameter, with more designs in the works. As with our conventional line, all RC products provide incredible performance and reliability in tough drilling applications around the world.

Reverse Circulation Flow Diagram
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Drilling through unconsolidated ground conditions in order to set casing into bedrock is one of the most challenging tasks facing the drilling industry. That is why Numa has spent so much time and energy designing a drill bit that can drill a larger diameter hole than the casing, while simultaneously advancing the casing.

The Super Jaws® Overburden Bit is a revolutionary new bit design with wings that extend out larger in diameter than the casing while in the drilling position. The face design of the Super Jaws® Overburden Bit keeps it almost identical with a conventional bit face, allowing for unmatched penetration rates and smooth operation while drilling through overburden, boulders, or bedrock. When drilling is completed, the bit is simply lifted off bottom, causing the wings to retract back into the guide body. This allows all tooling to be extracted while leaving the casing in place. There is no forward or reverse rotation required, nor any expensive rings left in the hole.

The Super Jaws® Overburden System is offered in two versions. One version utilizes an inexpensive drive shoe that is welded to the front of the casing. As the bit advances through the formation, the casing is advanced at the same rate due to the drive shoulder on the guide body contacting the drive shoe welded to the casing. The second version is called Super Jaws® ND, which stands for "No Drive" shoulder. This version utilizes thick wall casing or thick wall threaded casing. The guide body has no drive shoulder on it and the casing is advanced via a casing hammer, duplex diverter, or dual rotary. This version is especially popular in micro-piling and tie-back work where the casing is recovered, or in deep overburden areas where high amounts of friction build up on the outside of the casing.

The Super Jaws® Overburden Bit produces outstanding results in all formations. It is available for drilling hole sizes from 5-1/2" – 42" (140 – 1067 mm) in diameter, and can be used with different casing wall thicknesses

Super Jaws 2-Wing Bit
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Numa's pneumatic lubricators are positive displacement, air-operated, lubrication systems. They are designed to inject rock drill oil into the air line under positive pressure to ensure the proper amount of oil is supplied to the DTH hammer while drilling.

Numa offers Lubricators with a 15 gallon (57 liter) reservoir for 12" hammers and smaller, or a 45 gallon (170 liter) reservoir for 18" hammers and larger. Both models offer a positive displacement pump that is capable of pumping up to 16 quarts (15.2 liters) per hour at 1,500 PSI (103 Bar). The required supply air pressure is a maximum of 85 PSI (6 Bar) while the supply to output pressure ratio is 17.6:1. The pumps are adjustable for stroke length and number of strokes per minute.

Contact your Numa regional sales representative if you need further information on how Numa Lubricators will make your DTH hammers last longer.

Numa Lubricator 45 Gallon
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Numa Lube is an environmentally safe alternative to rock drilling oil that has proven to be a major technological advancement in the quest for long lasting hammer protection. Unlike rock drill oils, Numa Lube is easy to use, non-toxic, environmentally safe and much more cost effective. Due to its superior, long lasting lubrication properties, only one 8 oz. (.24l) bottle is required in a 6" (152mm) hammer every 300 feet (91m) or six hours of drilling. Compare that to the three or four gallons (11-15 L) of rock drill oil that is required for the same depth. In addition, Numa Lube does not need to be continuously fed like rock drill oil. Simply pour the contents of one Numa Lube bottle down the drill string, continuously inject water while drilling and forget about lubrication for the next 300 feet (91m) or six hours. With Numa Lube, fewer applications equal greater savings for you, the driller.

Another lubrication product offered by Numa is Monitor Lube which provides the same outstanding results that Numa Lube does. The only difference with this lubricant is the elimination of a rust prohibitor found in Numa Lube that commonly dissipates during the drilling process but could leave trace amounts in the effluent. Although both lubricants are proven to be environmentally safe, some customers prefer to use Monitor Lube in extremely sensitive environmental conditions where stringent testing is to be completed while drilling.

Numa Lube and Monitor Lube come conveniently packaged in cases of twenty four, 8 oz. (.24l) bottles and require limited storage space.Numa Lubricator 15 Gallon

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